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Advocacy is:

Helping people to speak up for themselves.
Listening to the person and explaining to others what that person wants.
Making sure the person we are giving support to is treated with dignity and respect.

Advocacy is about taking action to:

Stand up for people’s rights
Ensure that the right people find out what the person wants
Make sure the person we support is listened to, understands what is being said and any implications for him/her
Help to get the services needed

What do we do?

We help people find information.
We talk about what options might be possible and if relevant the consequences of these options
We do what we can to help people find solutions to things that might be worrying them
We inform our clients of our duty of care which means that if they or anyone else is ‘at risk’ or is a victim of abuse then we will pass that on to the relevant authorities

What else do we do?

We can help to prepare for and go to meetings with people
We can help make complaints
We can help our clients to express their views
We can speak on behalf of our clients but only if we have their permission and ensure we are accurately expressing their views
Sometimes too we act in a safeguarding role for people who can’t express their needs
We can explain things to people that they might find hard to understand. For example a letter about a bill, Minutes from a review, care charges etc.
We can explain what is going on at meetings, Court, Children’s Panel’s and more

Where do we work?

Most people come to our office
We also support clients who are in hospital, care homes or who can’t leave their own homes
We attend meetings in hospitals, social work offices, people’s houses, local café’s, Day Centres, Court, at Mental Health Tribunals, Children’s Panels, Housing Department, Benefits Offices and more

Things we don’t do:

We don’t give advice. Other people can give advice instead, such as family, friends and social work
We don’t discuss what clients tell us with anyone else. Unless they say it is ok to do that
We don’t charge any money for our service

We provide this service for people who have:

Learning disabilities
Physical disabilities
Have mental health problems
Older people
People who have sensory impairments
People who have long term health conditions

Who are we?

We are a team of people who all enjoy what we do. We have 6 paid staff and about 10 volunteers at the moment with more volunteers just completing our training.
We are always learning from each other and from training so that we can help people achieve what they want.

What do people we advocate for expect?

To be listened to
Not advice but choices
To be respected
To get help but not always right away
To understand things better and to feel you are understood
To feel supported
To feel someone is on their side

Many people volunteer with us:

We provide extensive training
We provide continuous support and help to our volunteers
We value our volunteers very much and want them to enjoy working as part of our team